Friday, 12 January 2018

Hurrah its January and we're all back at school!

Ok so not everybody shared my enthusiasm at returning to school from the Christmas holidays. Let's be honest though we can only do so many late nights and lie ins, play so many games and eat so much chocolate before we yearn to be getting up early to go back to work / school, to be given work to do and to eat lovely healthy fruity snacks..
Just me then? ;)

To be slightly more serious though, the first week back after Christmas is always a toughie but Class RL have been SUPERB! There were a few bleary eyes at the start of the week (sorry everyone) but we all settled back into the routine like slipping on a pair of comfy slippers.
There has been a lot of work 'behind scenes' this week as we have been organising lots of different groups and activities so I am afraid there aren't as many pictures of daily classroom life as I would like. There are some pictures of the children's first lesson in ball control (some are a little blurry as it is quite hard to capture moving targets!) and a few extra bits from here and there.
Also, how could we miss 'bring a Christmas toy to school day'? Well, we didn't! All the children sat beautifully for a picture so they can have it added to the fabulous work that they are going to do.

Just a little reminder.... Please keep reading at home, I do know how super busy home life is but 3 reads in a week and you get a tick on the chart towards a GOLDEN TICKET. (Books are checked Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's)
A GOLDEN TICKET is given out once you have 10 ticks and that means *drum roll* a free book of your choice (from the selection available).
The other two classes are beating us with GOLDEN TICKET winners and not that I am competitive (I am) but I want more GOLDEN TICKET winners so I will be asking the children even more than usual to try to read to a grown up or an older sibling (or any one at home). All you have to do is sign their reading diary so I know they have read and I can give them a big fat juicy book winning tick. Thaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuu

until next time...
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Who's a cotton headed ninnymuggins?

To quote one of my favourite Christmas characters (in case you are one of the few who haven't seen it I am referring to Elf) 'I'm a cotton headed ninnymuggins'. I only just realised I had brought my iPad home this holiday so I hadn't done the festive edition of Class RL's blog, my apologies.
I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday and are as excited for coming back to school as you were for breaking up for the holidays! I'm sure you are ;)

Just in case you haven't had enough of tinsel, trees and festive cheer here are a few pictures from our last week of term....

See you all back in class, yeayyyyy!

Friday, 15 December 2017


Hello everybody!
You'll be pleased to hear it's a super quick blog today. I know you'll only have eyes for the nativity pictures so I'll keep it short and sweet.
Many thanks to the parents who had to provide outfits, those who helped their children remember their lines and apologies to those of you who had to endure hearing the songs sung repeatedly at home (you weren't the only ones, Mr Lewis has commented on me ee aw-ing and noisy nativity-ing my way around the house for the past week)
Now the nativity is over and there is just one more week left (yeayyyyy) we will be filling the children's days with lots and lots of Christmas activities, be prepared for glitter encrusted children!

Until next week
ee awwww

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

A few more pics from this & last week...

Friday, 8 December 2017

Christmas madness!

Hello everybody!
As I hang my head in shame I have to announce that I am afraid there isn't a great deal of news to pass on this week and I am also afraid there aren't many pictures either.. What a poor do!
The Christmas madness has descended upon the reception year group and the week has flown by in a flurry of Elf Run's, Christmas cards, calendars, baubles, letters to Father Christmas and of course *trumpets sound* THE CHRISTMAS PLAY REHEARSALS!!!!!!!
We have all been practicing our lines... being in our places... our musical instrument playing.. how to hold props without taking our friends eyes out/maiming someone.. (and that's just the teachers and teaching assistants) you'll be pleased to know we are all doing very well (despite me being caught dancing in the wings)
We had a dress rehearsal today which was a great success! I realllllly wanted to sneak some pics to show you but I decided to keep you all in suspense until the big day.
I have to say there are a couple of outfits still to come in so if you've had a letter but haven't sent something in yet could you please (pretty please) bring it in on Monday as we have our FIRST SHOW to the school.. (So exciting!) Also, if your child has any lines could you please run through them again so they can confidently say them in a BIG CLEAR VOICE. They are all doing very well but it never harms to squeeze a few more attempts in.
Thaaaaank youuuuu

I think that's about it for now, I hope to see you all at the play (I'll be the one trying not to get caught dancing about in the wings)

Until next time...
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Invasion of the big people, building, band making and a whole heap of glitter

Hello again to you all!
Apologies for posting this a little late, I've been very busy trying to remove glitter for the past few hours and now I've swapped a glittery classroom for a house that is rapidly filling with Christmas tree needles. Both of which have a habit of spreading about and hiding so I'll probably still be finding them all over the place in January!
Anyway, enough of the excuses and moaning! Here is an insight into another week of the craziness (sorry, I mean 'organised learning experiences') that is class RL....

The week started off with a normal feel to it, lots of phonics, number work and general classroom activities. There was A LOT of building going on this week, both individual and group and a day filled with a flash craze of band making (thankfully for us it was not the noisy sort, it was the wearing variety)
Then Christmas play rehearsals took place (and are still on going) which started the Christmas excitement building...
Then the rail for the costumes was put in place. The excitement built even more...
Then the resources for the Christmas themed activity day started coming out. The excitement ramped up a level...
Then. The children came in on Friday to find a winter wonderland cave and the excitement reached fever pitch!

Thank you to those who could make it, it was a fun day with lots of things going on both inside and out and I hope you enjoyed yourselves, the children certainly did. Don't worry to those who could not make it, I'm sure there will be other things throughout the school year you'll be able to come and join in with :)

SO, enough of my waffle and here's what you really want to see...... The pictures!

Until next week...

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Hurrah its January and we're all back at school!

Ok so not everybody shared my enthusiasm at returning to school from the Christmas holidays. Let's be honest though we can only do so ma...