Friday, 18 May 2018

Chicks and peas

Hello everybody
Another week has flown by in the world of class RL!

We have been maypole dancing again in P.E. and trying out more ball skills. I could hear Mr Airnes telling everyone their balls are their best friends and to keep them close. By the sounds of it most had BFF balls but there were a few run aways, dribbling is a tricky skill!
Of course there was a visit from the P.E. Fairy, her job is getting very hard now, the children have been making a fantastic effort to keep all their own clothes together and to fold them all neatly :)

In 'chick watch' the chicks have been rapidly growing and aren't little yellow fluffy things any more. They are developing their coloured feathers and are getting quite speedy at running, they have even tried flapping their wings. It has been quite fun during chick circle time! (Not so much fun trying to catch them though)

Unfortunately 'tadpole watch' is still, well, not very exciting.. They are still tadpoles, still swimming around and still not quite as exciting as chicks.

Our class carrots are growing lots of roots, no sign of an actual carrot yet but we are still hopeful, ooo and talking of growing we have all planted our own peas this week! Not everybody was happy being green fingered "my hands arent green, they are dirty" was the quote of the day.

Today the children have been learning about the Royal Family in preparation for Harry and Megan's wedding tomorrow, amongst other things they have looked at Royal castles, weddings and even made their own flags to wave.

It is lovely to see people have been reading lots this week, I am REALLY looking forward to GOLDEN TICKET ASSEMBLY on Monday, we now have quite a few GOLDEN TICKET winners lined up.... YEAYYY!!!!

Talking winners, a big congratulations goes to this weeks Superstar, well done!

I think that's about it for now, I am off to try and get the pictures to work. Have a lovely weekend and we shall see you all on Monday.

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

p.s. Apologies for any wonky or not quite right photographs, I've had a little bit of trouble trying to get them made & put on here.. Hopefully everything is showing up all tickety boo

Friday, 11 May 2018

Music, maypoles and CHICKS

Hello everybody!
A short and sweet week for us all this week but as jam packed as any other. We have been serenaded whilst we played and worked with the musical instruments that were brought into class. The children have thoroughly enjoyed banging crashing and singing on the 'stage' we built. Think we may have a few pop divas in the making.. I'll look out for them on MTV in a few years...
Then there was much excitement over the maypole having new ribbons so of course we had a little dance. As always the P.E. fairy popped by to check if clothes had been folded together neatly on the desks. It's surprising how the clothes manage to (mostly) stay with their owners when there's a chance she might pop by with a sprinkle of fairy dust..
One of the most fun (but very quiet) things this week was circle time.. The little chicks came to join the children and check out all the faces that have been staring at them in their pen all week.
Well done to everyone who has been keeping up with reading, the next GOLDEN TICKET assembly is looking like it might be a good one for class RL... Exciting!

Finally, last but not least, congratulations go to not one but TWO superstars this week, well done!!

Until next week
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

oooooooo I almost forgot!
Huge CONGRATULATIONS go to Mrs Sheehan for the arrival of her teeny tiny baby girl, we can't wait to see her :)

Friday, 4 May 2018

Chick, chick, chick, chick, CHICKEN

Hello everybody
What a fun week it has been! The children have danced around a maypole, there have been impromptu ninjas around the classroom and of course there has been egg watch..
After what felt like a very long wait (every day there was a chorus of 'are they hatched yet' 'are they hatched yet' etc) I am pleased to announce we now have CHICKS! The children all lined up to have their pictures taken with our new arrivals, not everybody was super happy to hold them (particularly when a couple 'did their business') but everyone had a go and we have all enjoyed peeking at them pecking around their new home. At the moment they are a little bit more exciting than our tadpoles which have been just swimming around being tadpoles... Give it time...

A quick thank you to those of you who have kept up with the reading! It's looking like we may have some winners of GOLDEN TICKETS very soon (yeayyyy)
Speaking of winners, congratulations go to this weeks Superstar, well done!

So, bank holiday weekend is here and I wish you all a super mini break, let's cross everything it is sunny and warm. (remember the health and safety blog) ;)

until next time
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Friday, 27 April 2018

Planting, growing and hatching

Hello everybody!
Were there really five days in school this week? They have flown by! I'll take that as a good sign and that we've all had a great time being super busy!
It started with activities for St Georges day, there was a lot of flag making and drawings of flags, we even had some DRAGONS in the water area.
The weather wasn't quite like last week (boooo) BUT as always that didn't stop us. Despite the rain being quite torrential at times a few hardy young ladies ventured out in full waterproofs and had a jolly good splash (pics later)
In class we have planted cress seeds (thank you Mrs Smith) which have already started to sprout (hurray!), the carrots are still doing well but the radishes and spring onions are shy and are yet to show themselves...
We had a small dilemma with our frogspawn, batch no1 were not very happy (boo) and were removed to a better environment (hurray). Much to the amusement of the children they were replaced for a day by....... a...... SHARK!! (Boo). I am pleased to announce it was only a toy shark and we now have a new batch of frogspawn that has turned into tiny tadpoles (hurray!)
Just after the children left today there were some new arrivals in class (how exciting). We now have our own incubator and in it are..... SOME EGGS!!!! Hopefully they will soon hatch and we will have our own baby chicks to look after!

As always congratulations go to our class superstar, well done!

Just a quick reminder for everyone to try their best to read at least 3 times a week to get a tick on the chart towards a GOLDEN TICKET. We have a few children getting close but it's taking a while and the other classes are beating us, come on class RL you can do it!

until next time
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Friday, 20 April 2018

Sunny days and CLEARLY NAMED health & safety

Hello everybody!
What a lovely week it has been, we have been continuing in our search for Spring which has had some easy to spot signs. Some of the flowers around the play area have started blooming and some trees now have blossom. The grass had its first cut which smelt lovely drifting in through the open windows. We have our very own frogspawn brought in a tank to watch it grow into tadpoles, vegetable seeds were planted and have already thrown up some shoots and of course there has been SUNSHINE!! Lovely, lovely sunshine!
As with everything now a days there is a health and safety issue regarding the sun.. *dons health and safety helmet & flouresent coat to make long and boring but needed health and safety announcement*
Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls as we know the sun is hot. Very hot (yes, even in Blackpool). Unfortunately prolonged bursts of fun and frolics in said sun can lead to burning of uncovered skin. Should you wish to avoid such burning could you please ensure that all children who wish to play outside on sunny days have either suitable clothing to cover skin or have sun cream. Either of these options have the potential to cause distress to children, parents and staff alike should the following requests be ignored...

...As with uniform all clothing/accessories worn (sun hats etc) should be CLEARLY NAMED to avoid confusion and upset. (Not just the children but me too. I have walked those corridors many times in search of rogue jumpers/hats & I may be found crying in the corner if anyone else loses any clothes and PLEASE don't make me go in the lost property tub again, if I fall in I may never return)

...sun cream if applied before school is absolutely fine BUT if a child would like to apply further sun cream whilst in school then the sun cream they apply should be their own, not shared and should also be CLEARLY NAMED. It would also be super helpful if it can be applied properly by the small person putting it on, it is not uncommon to spot tiny, pure white, shiny beings wandering the playground leaving a trail of sun cream devastation wherever they go. days often require us cooling down by drinking more. We do have lots of water fountains around school but if you would like your child to bring in a bottle of water that is fine but can you please make sure it is....... Yes you guessed it... CLEARLY NAMED.

...regardless of the sun blinding you through the window or the cheeky smiley weather man promising it won't rain can you PLEASE send your children with a CLEARLY NAMED coat, the weather is as changeable as... well... British weather and though it may look like a peachy day chances are by home time it'll be cloudy/ raining/ snowing.

I think that's it, other than to say if you are having a jolly fun time writing names on anything and everything that may come within a 2 mile radius of school could you PLEASE check that all uniform is also CLEARLY NAMED.


I'm off to sit in the sunshine before I blink and it's gone.
until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Friday, 13 April 2018

Working off the chocolate

Hello everybody
Hope you have all had a lovely Easter holiday!
The children have settled back into the school routine and have started to learn more about Spring this week. We have had discussions about lambs, flowers and growing. They have painted daffodils, planted flower and vegetable seeds and leaned about baby animals and eggs.

Just in case the children had had a little bit too much chocolate we gave them a work out by taking them on a journey through dance in P.E. They did... ballet, ballroom, tap, rock n roll, Irish, body popping and break dancing. They had a LOT of fun in the girls v boys dance off to Run DMC, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Congratulations go to this weeks superstar, well done, you have worked hard to get it!
Congratulations also go to Mrs Sheehan who is off on maternity leave, all of Class RL wish you lots of love and luck and we can't wait to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl....

until next time
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Friday, 23 March 2018

Two for the price of one!

Hello everybody
I have to start with an apology.. There wasn't a blog last week as I was SUPER BUSY helping with the big classroom move. It took some doing but with some wonderful helpers we did it! HUGE THANKS to Mrs Lewin, Miss Allen and Mrs Howard, we couldn't have done it without you :)
With all the sorting and moving alongside a very busy week in class there wasn't much time to take or organise photos either so in the 'gallery' at the end of my waffle (sorry, I mean highly informative blog) I've included some of the pictures from when we had fruit tasting, I particularly like the lemon ones.....

SO onto this week and ohhhh myyyy worrrd what a phenomenally busy week it has been!! I don't know about the children but I've been exhausted by the end of the day, poor Mr Lewis has had to put up with me snoring on the settee (I don't believe I actually snored btw). Sooo moving swiftly on... The children have settled into their bright and airy new classroom with ease and have had a great time exploring all the areas and activities. As well as the usual things they have been....*takes deep breath*
-Finishing work on The Little Red Hen
-Reading The Gingerbread Man which lead to.. making gingerbread men puppets & chasing them around the playground, painting gingerbread men, drawing gingerbread men, writing about gingerbread men and of course BAKING GINGERBREAD MEN. Speaking of which did you hear the stories about the one that escaped?
-After a discussion about what would have happened had the gingerbread man fallen into the water instead of being eaten we had a scientific experiment involving gingerbread men, bowls of water and a freezer...
-On a mini trip to spend some time in the school library to relax with a book
-Learned more ball skills (outside for a change)
-Had a box of frog spawn in the class to investigate
-Dressed up for book day (which was A LOT of fun!)
-Keeping an eye out for signs of spring
-Watching a fantastic show by the Hobgoblin theatre (They LOVED it!)
-Chasing around the playground on an egg hunt

I thiiink that's about it for the week. Now you see why we're all worn out and ready for a holiday!

Just before I go I must say congratulations to our TWO superstars this week, they were both so deserving it was decided we should have them both. Congratulations also go to the lucky recipient of the Head Teachers award!

FINALLY, have a lovely Easter holidays and we will see you soon.

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Chicks and peas

Hello everybody Another week has flown by in the world of class RL! We have been maypole dancing again in P.E. and trying out more ball skil...