Friday, 9 March 2018

Busy little bakers (shh don't tell mum)

Hello everybody
Is it Friday already? Blimey, another week has flown by in RL.
Hopefully you were all happy with the latest updates on your wonderful children at parents evening, they are all a pleasure to spend the day with. Once more please accept our apologies for those of you who were kept waiting, 5 minutes goes by so quickly and I don't know what the children have done to our timers but they shall be fixed for next time!

As always the children have been suuuuuper busy in and out of the classroom. They have been making wonderful things for Mother's Day so if you are reading this and you are a mum then beware! It contains spoilers!
The children worked so hard on one particular thing that I decided to make it this weeks focus... baking.
Before the pictures a little note for next week.. Please check the window for further information on next weeks topic... FRUIT. We will be making fruit salad and would really appreciate it if the children could bring in a piece of fruit. (Thank you in advance).
Finally I can't finish without saying congratulations to this weeks Superstar!! Well done!

until next time...
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Friday, 2 March 2018

A little bit of snow & a lot of soup

Hello everybody
As the rest of the country disappeared under a blanket of snow the weird Blackpool climate only allowed ua a few flurries, just about enough to cover the grass and a few corners of the playground (boo!) BUT it didn't stop the reception children from having fun (hooray!).
In the morning those who dared to brave the cold donned full waterproofs and had a fab time exploring in the snow. There might not of been enough snow for a snowman but there was plenty to make a few snowballs! In the afternoon when most of the snow had melted we still managed to scrape enough together for a few more (tiny) snowballs.
The freeeeeezing nights brought a discussion about what happens to water when it gets so cold outside SO we had an experiment ooOOOOooo. A bowl of water was left inside and more was put outside. The next day they compared results. BUT what the children didn't know was that Miss Latham had sneaked some surprises into it... They had a SMASHING time breaking it up to find the treasures.
Then on Thursday we had 'bring a vegetable to school' day. I left Mr Lewis at home and took a potato, thankfully lots of children also brought lots of other tasty vegetables. We all had a go at peeling, chopping and adding to the soup, everyone kept all their fingers and there were no disasters (phew). Thanks go to Mrs Smith and Mr Ison for their support that morning(thank youuuu). Sadly they weren't around for the tasting later (or a well timed exit perhaps?). It was actually really tasty (surprising, I know!) ...some children even had seconds... Of vegetables... :O
Finally, thank you for your patience in waiting for parents evening to be rearranged. Those of you who wanted to come should have received your times today (so please check your children's bags) we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.
Ooo I can't finish the blog without saying congratulations go to this weeks Superstar, well done!

Until next time (or Wednesday)
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Friday, 23 February 2018

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Hello everyone
Kung Hei Fat Choi!
To those of you who do not speak Chinese that means Congratulations and best wishes for a prosperous New Year.
In case you hadn't noticed it has been Chinese new year in class this week.
We have had all sorts going on, amongst other things there has been.. a Chinese takeaway in the role play area, dragon catching with chopsticks in the water, ribbon & dragon dancing, Chinese writing & painting and the creative area has been a hive of activity with dragon masks, lanterns and cards. And that's not all! Parents activity day brought even more fun! Despite the chilly wind lots of the children (and grown ups) enjoyed hunting for Chinese numbers and animals from the Chinese calendar and the ones who stayed indoors had a fantastic time covering the class (& themselves) with glitter whilst making lots of creations. It was like Christmas all over again!

We have managed to maintain some normality amidst all this, there has been P.E. with the big equipment (and of course the P.E. Fairy visited), we've had our weekly ball skills class, our daily phonics and numeracy lessons, reading, writing and all the usual classroom activities so we have all been super duper busy! Oh and I can't mention this week without saying congratulations to this weeks superstar! Sadly there aren't any GOLDEN TICKET winners this week, please please keep reading at home so we can get some more of our children winning a book.
Next week looks like it is going to be another busy one with the focus on FOOD! We are going to be asking the children to bring a vegetable to school so we can make soup and there may be a few more tasty treats along the way too.... oooOOOOooooo

Talking tasty treats, class RL have had a fantastic week and have earned a whole jar of warm fuzzies which means one thing... CHOCOLATE BISCUITS!!! Yeeeaaaayyyy! You can see how happy the children were after their kit kat in the photos.. (Disclaimer..Other chocolate biscuits are available)

I think that just about covers this week so without further ado here are the photos..

Until next time
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Half term holiday!

Hello everybody
Hope you have all had a lovely break!
There were a lot of bugs and viruses going around before the holiday so I hope everyone is well and was excited to return to school ;)
The last week was super busy with lots of chat and activities about pancakes and of course Valentine's Day. The children had lots of fun making cards and hearts for special people and we started some good discussions about Chinese New Year. We can't wait for the parents activity day! (Just in case you've forgotten, reminders will be going out)

There aren't many pictures from the last week I am afraid. Mrs Lewin and I were super busy trying to keep the children entertained and educated as Miss Latham was still poorly (Oh Miss Latham you were missed!!)
Here are a few pics of our winners.. There are two from the ball skills class and of course the weekly superstar. Well done!!!

just a weeny reminder, please keep reading with the children and writing in their reading diaries as it not only helps them immensely with their reading skills but we NEED some more GOLDEN TICKET winners!!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

LOTS of winners and a whole lot of PE

Hello everybody
As you are probably aware Miss Latham has been poorly this week so the children have been stuck with me and the various teachers and helpers who have been in to give us a hand. Particular thanks go to Mrs Lewin from RB, the children have enjoyed having her in the class and surprisingly haven't got our names confused.. Well not very much anyway.
Although we have enjoyed having our visitors we all hope Miss Latham is feeling well enough to come back soon!

This week I have decided to focus on P.E. as the big equipment has all been introduced now and the children have been having a fantastic time exploring it.
There are also the photos I promised of the previous SUPERSTAR winners (sorry for the delay) alongside this weeks winner. If that wasn't enough winning for you there is also another GOLDEN TICKET winner AND the two winners from the ball skills lesson! I think that's about it, not bad though eh!

Oo and before I go please check your children's bags for parents evening letters, some haven't been returned yet and the time slots are rapidly filling so if you would like to pop in for a quick chat on the 7th please let us know. Just in case you haven't noticed yet there are letters in bags for those who have requested a slot.

Thats about it so I'll stop waffling & show you the pictures.

until next time
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Busy little bakers (shh don't tell mum)

Hello everybody Is it Friday already? Blimey, another week has flown by in RL. Hopefully you were all happy with the latest updates on your ...